Student Development Center
Student Development Center


Student Development Center

Student Development Center

We are the Student Development Center, also known as SDC, which is a sub section under the Office of Student Affairs.


Remember Dorothy in "Wizard of the Oz"? Our team SDC are "Dorothy".

In the adventures, Dorothy helps Tin Man to find his Heart, Scarecrow to get the brain, and Lion to reclaim courage. We work with you to listen to your hearts, to clarify your thoughts, and to fuel yourself with courage, in negotiating life to become wholesome. We are with you when you are in pain and stress, and we celebrate with you when you reap fruits of success.

We live, we laugh and we work in love. Let's love and be loved.

Dear students, come to find us when you need caring professional support.


Find Us

On foot: Donglu Building E0110, E0111.

By phone: (04)2496-1100 ext. 6269

By fax: (04)2496-1522


Office Hour

MON ~ TUR 08:00 ~ 21:00, FRI 08:00 ~ 17:00


24 - hrs. Emergency Call

(04)2492-3963 (Student Safety Center)